On A Path Toward Quality Early Learning and Development in Colorado

The 2015 session of the Colorado General Assembly saw Colorado continue on its path toward improving access to quality early learning and development programs for vulnerable children and families. Advocates, families, and children had several exciting victories to point to when the session concluded the first week in May.

Oregon’s young children won a major victory last week

On the last day of the 2015 Oregon legislative session, the Oregon Senate approved a bill that will make high-quality preschool available for more children from low-income families in the state. That vote marked the final approval of the Children's Institute's entire legislative agenda for improving early learning in Oregon.

Transforming the Early Childhood Workforce

For many years, advocates of early education have focused on reaching children and their families. Getting more four-year-olds into pre-K, for example, has been an important and increasingly successful rallying cry.

A Much Needed Conversation about Child Care

Last week, Michigan’s Children partnered with the Early Childhood Investment Corporation and several other state advocacy partners to organize opportunities to strategize action around some very important services that touch the lives of families with babies and toddlers. 

Putting Child Care at the Top of the Agenda

A new era for child care subsidy policy is before us. The 2014 reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) now explicitly states that child development is one of the purposes of the funding.