Oregon Wins Back Funds for Early Childhood

Although Oregon’s even-year 35-day sessions are fairly narrow in scope, this year we had an urgent opportunity to advocate for restoration of funds dedicated to early learning, including Head Start, Early Head Start, Relief Nurseries, and other key programs. 

Fact Sheet Shows Underinvestment in the Early Years

Across the states, large numbers of young, low-income children are missing out on opportunities to gain the skills and positive approach to learning they will need to succeed in school.  For a two-year-old in a community without Early Head Start, or a four-year-old on a waiting list for a high quality early care and education program, this missed opportunity is likely to

Confidence in Our Cause? Yes, Actually.

In the beginning, there was not light -- just lunch. It was a lunch at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington DC to discuss an idea to create an "Alliance" -- stronger links between state-based advocates and national non-profits committed to creating better outcomes for children across the country, from birth to five years old.