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Report or Brief 2019

Prioritizing Our Future: How Cities and States Dedicate Funds for Early Care and Education

A comprehensive analysis of existing state and local dedicated revenue streams to support early care and education.

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Report or Brief 2018

Indispensables for Quality Pre-K

Read about three instructional practices and three policies that are indispensable to high-quality teaching and learning in pre-K, according to program leaders and researchers across the country.

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Fact Sheet 2018

Election Toolkit

Ensure every child is ready to succeed in school and life. Make early learning a top priority in the 2018 elections.   

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Fact Sheet 2018

Immigration Policy's Harmful Impacts on Early Care and Education

Multi-state study of the effects of the current immigration climate on young children under the age of 8.  

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Fact Sheet 2018

Immigration Policy Effects on Young Children

This  report  documents  how  the  current  immigration  context  is  affecting  our  nation’s  youngest  children,  under  age  eight,  based  on  interviews  and  focus  groups  in  2017  with  more  than  150  early  childhood  educators  and  parents  in  six  states—California,  Georgia, Illinois,  New  Mexico,  North  Carolina,  and  Pennsylvania.  

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Report or Brief 2018

Childcare and National Security

How greater access to high-quality child care in Louisiana can help improve military readiness.

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Report or Brief 2018

Pre-K Key to Cutting Pennsylvania Prison Costs and Boosting School Success

Providing at-risk kids with high-quality early learning programs can reduce crime and the resulting costs. Pennsylvania could realize over $150 million in societal benefits by increasing access to high-quality pre-k programs.

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Report or Brief 2018

Caring For Young Victims of the Opioid Crisis

Parental substance abuse impedes children’s future citizen readiness. Early childhood care and education programs are powerful tools in battling the opioid epidemic in Tennessee.

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Infographic 2018

2018 Election Changes in State Education Leadership

Data sheet on the 2018 election changes in the state education leadership.

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