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Fact Sheet 2018

Early Care and Education Programs are Sensitive Locations

Fact sheet on the policies that restrict immigration enforcement actions in sensitive locations like ECE programs.

view link by Center for Law and Social Policy
50-State Data, Report or Brief 2017

Using Medicaid to Help Young Children and Parents Access Mental Health Services

This brief examines states' use of Medicaid as a key source of funding for early childhood mental health (ECMH) services. It presents the results of a 50-state survey that gathered information from state administrators about Medicaid coverage 

view link by National Center for Children in Poverty
50-State Data, Report or Brief 2017

Every Student Succeeds Act and Opportunities to Prioritize Early Learning Policy Goals

Links to states' draft plans for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), with a focus on elements related to early learning.

view link by Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO)
Webinar 2017

Briefing on New ROI Data that Includes Health Benefits

For the first time, Professor James Heckman and his team have calculated the economic value of better health outcomes, as well as the economic benefits of providing high-quality childcare to mothers. 

Report or Brief 2017

Open doors: Supporting children and families’ access to early care and education

States are using their ECE data to better understand the needs of families.  This brief shares strategies and recommendations for states and communities to use data to open even more doors to children and families. 

view link by Early Childhood Data Collaborative
Report or Brief 2017

Maine Social and Emotional Learning & Development Project

This report was written for the Maine Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs as a result of concerns that a high number of very young children across Maine were being suspended or expelled from early care and education settings, including preschools, child care centers, family child care homes, and Head Starts. This report examines what Maine child care providers and teachers are experiencing in their child care homes and classrooms, and what can be done to address the concerns that young children in Maine are not consistently receiving the support they need to develop all the skills they need to be able to start school on time and succeed academically.

view link by Maine Children's Alliance
Report or Brief 2017

Children Need Medicaid - So Do Their Parents

This brief highlights how repealing the ACA will impact the well-being of parents and harm child well-being. 

view link by CLASP
Report or Brief 2017

Alone No More

This report discusses how Texas policymakers can support mothers with perinatal depression

view link by Texans Care for Children
Report or Brief 2017

Connecting the Steps

This brief analyzes actions taken by four states to address the difficulties that often come with the transition process from pre-k to kindergarten and discusses the opportunities and challenges with their various approaches.

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Report or Brief 2017

One Size Doesn't Fit All

This report takes a closer look at teacher licensing laws and practices for elementary age students in four states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Carolina, and Arkansas) to better understand how different policy strategies affect  hiring, instruction, teacher practice, and young children themselves. 

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