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Blog 2016

Early Math Skills Crucial to Children’s Learning

Most classrooms and teachers underprepared to teach math well, according to ‘Transforming the Workforce’ report.

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Fact Sheet 2016

5 Things to Know About Early Childhood Home Visiting

There has been a great deal of research, over many decades, examining the use of home visiting to reach vulnerable children and families. Based on this research, here are five things to know.

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Fact Sheet 2016

5 Things to Know About the Early Childhood Workforce

Research on early brain development highlights the importance of quality early care and education, yet low wages make it difficult to attract and retain qualified staff. Here are five critical facts about the early childhood workforce.

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Fact Sheet 2016

5 Ways Trauma-Informed Care Supports Children’s Development

Research suggests that TIC is associated with considerable benefits for children and their families, including reductions in children’s behavior problems and posttraumatic stress.

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Op Ed 2016

We should treat early childhood educators as valued employees

An example of an effective op-ed.

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Op Ed 2016

Half of America’s childcare workers need food stamps, welfare payments or Medicaid

An example of an effective op-ed.

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Video 2016

What is Systems Building?

Watch this two-minute video promoting a vision of a comprehensive early chidlhood system.

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Webinar 2016

The Research on Research - How to present research to policymakers

Elizabeth Jordon of Child Trends reports on the many ways policy makers use research.  Partnership members from Maine and Delaware described how they worked with policy makers sharing research early in the policy process.

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PowerPoint 2016

Primer on Crisis Communications - Alliance Communications Working Group Webinar

We know that a communications crisis can happen at any time. Planning for how to deal with them in advance can minimize long-term damage. In this webinar, you'll learn how to plan for a crisis, practice for a crisis, recongnize the early signs of a crisis, execute a crisis plan, and respond as needed after a crisis. 

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