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Searchable Database 2016

Work & Family Policy Database

Data on state legislation on work and family issues, including: accommodations for pregnant workers, domestic violence in the workplace, fair pay, family and medical leave, flexible use of sick leave, flexible work schedules, job-protected leave, military families, nursing mothers' rights at work, paid family leave, sick days, preemption, pregnancy disability leave, same sex partners and leave, small necessities leave, state disability insurance, and telecommuting.

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Searchable Database 2016

50-State Searchable Bill Databases

Searchable database of state bills, including: ballot measures, campaign finance, child support and family law, child welfare, early care and early education, economic development, education, health innovations and reform, state tax actions, unemployment, workforce innovations, and youth

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Searchable Database 2016

Early Education and Child Care Bill Tracking Database

Searchable database of state bills, including:  child care and child care financing, early childhood services, prekindergarten, professional development, home visiting, infants and toddlers, and financing early education

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Searchable Database 2016

QRIS compendium

Data on state QRIS include: rating, use of observational tools, and indicators, as well as full state and locality QRIS profiles. Also has the functionality to create customizable data reports about specific state QRIS data elements.

view link by BUILD Initiative and Child Trends
Searchable Database 2016

Fifty State Chart Book: Dimensions of Diversity in the Young-Child Population

Examines 19 indicators by race/ethnicity, including: population, poverty, educational attainment for young mothers, low birthweight, infant mortality rates, late or no prenatal care, health insurance, access to medical home, immunization rates, well-child visits, screenings for developmental delays, participation in Part C, exposure to risk factors, foster care, maternal mental health, neighborhood safety, high poverty neighborhoods, NAEP 4th grade reading proficiency scores, and composite well-being.

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Searchable Database 2016

50 State Demographics Wizard

Demographics by state, including income level, parental education, parental employment, marital status, child's age, residential move, parental nativity, home ownership, parental presence, and race/ethnicity

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Report or Brief 2016

State policy updates

State policy landscape Upcoming state policy priorities, political challenges, and opportunities, tracking budget and policy changes.

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Strengthening the Kindergarten-Third Grade Continuum

Data on the availability of full-day kindergarten (FDK), social-emotional learning (SEL), kindergarten entry assessments (KEAs), English language learner reclassification procedures (ELL) and student-teacher ratios (Ratios). 

view link by National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)

State Family Medical Leave Laws

State family medical leave laws, including: Coverage/Eligibility, Family Medical Leave Provisions (unpaid unless noted), Provides Leave To Care For certain people, and the statutory provisions of states with their own family leave laws.

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Registry Map

State map houses availability of workforce registry and link to the registry in each state, including whether or not it is a National Workforce Registry Alliance member

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