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Investing in early childhood policy advocacy pays dividends. And each year, the Alliance for Early Success compiles an impact report that catalogs the progress made by our state allies across the country. 

In all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the Alliance for Early Success works with state-focused advocates to provide the connections, expertise, and financial resources they need to win evidence-based policy for children from birth through age eight. Our allies convene stakeholders. They compile data. They educate legislators and rally communities. And together — each and every year — they deliver an exponential return on our investment in them.

And they couldn’t do it without our national allies. These organizations bring their knowledge, experience, and manpower to make sure state advocates are successful. 

The past year was no exception for our in-state allies. In Oregon, they helped win a record $200 million in new early childhood program funding. In Louisiana, Alliance allies finally broke a decade-long freeze in early education seats. Across the country, our state allies made big wins for small children.

See the results of investing in early childhood advocacy.

2019 Impact Report

Take a closer look at the state-by-state results of investing in early childhood policy advocacy. Click the report to download.

“If you want to make good on the great American promise of equal opportunity, you need a 50-state strategy to change public policies affecting families with children from birth through age 8.

The Alliance for Early Success is that 50-state strategy.”