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Alliance and ZERO TO THREE Launch a Peer Group for Emerging Leaders in Infant and Toddler Policy Advocacy

The Alliance for Early Success and ZERO TO THREE (ZTT) launched a new cohort of Emerging Leaders in Infant and Toddler Policy. The target audience for this community of practice (CoP) is leaders who are new to infant and toddler policy and advocacy, and who have limited access to peer-based professional development opportunities. State pairs comprised of Alliance state grantees and in-state grassroots allies joined the CoP to create transformational, sustainable policy change by building powerful partnerships grounded in racial equity and the experiences of those working in the sector.

The CoP will support the connections between traditional advocacy organizations and community organizations from the following states: AL, ID, MD, MT, NC, OH, and WY. The paired leaders will work to create intentional collaboration by participating in the community of practice. Informed by input from CoP members, ZERO TO THREE will support their goals by focusing on strategies to create a community where members can develop shared power, align goals, and create trusting relationships between organizations.

“These emerging leaders have already demonstrated an eagerness to learn and plan their work together. I’m excited to watch as they connect and strengthen their authentic power sharing processes in infant and toddler advocacy.”

Katrina Coburn, Senior Technical Assistance Specialist

The Alliance and ZERO TO THREE will facilitate virtual conversations that focus on the following topics:
• Infant and toddler policies
• Advocacy and lobbying strategies, rules, regulations
• Self-care and tips to reduce burnout
• Building and maintaining relationships with families, partner organizations, and public agencies
• Equity and inclusion in policy decisions and messaging

Additionally, the Alliance will award mini grants for partnership projects to the state pairs participating in the CoP. These mini grants can be used for strengthening relationships, expanding organizational capacity to advocate, deepening family engagement in advocacy, or increasing racial equity knowledge and muscle in organizations participating in the CoP.

“We are thrilled that this CoP brings new and diverse voices with lived expertise into the Alliance network and provides traditional and grassroots advocates a space to deepen relationships in service to advancing infant and toddler policies and building equitable state advocacy coalitions.”

Mimi Aledo-Sandoval, Senior Policy Director
The Alliance for Early Success

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