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Bipartisan Policy Center

The Bipartisan Policy Center has extensive depth and credibility in early childhood issues, which states can leverage for bipartisan influence.

The Bipartisan Policy Center combines the best ideas from both political parties to promote health, security, and opportunity for all Americans. BPC drives principled and politically viable policy solutions , notably through its Early Childhood Initiative, which continues to create a more comprehensive and sustained approach to improving the quality of care for young children.

Our state allies can call on the Bipartisan Policy Center to:

Help their state leaders better understand and influence the intersection between state and federal early care and education policy and related opportunities.

The Bipartisan Policy Center can leverage its research and reputation to help state advocates frame and message these often-complex policy areas.

Help strengthen their state capacity to interpret the changing child care market.

Data on child care supply and need, and parent preferences, can impact policies and advocacy that are responsive to changes in the child market due to the pandemic.

Provide analysis of federal policy that impacts child care.

BPC interprets relevant federal legislation and policy, such as CCDBG, TANF, WIOA, and the pandemic relief packages, to assist state-based organizations with expanding the opportunities to support families and child care providers.

Additional Alliance-funded support for state advocacy includes: 

    • Amplifying the role of the faith-based community in child care. The Bipartisan Policy Center is using Alliance funding to push this messaging through its communications channels.
    • Publishing a report on the faith-based community’s opportunities to support early childhood, inclusive of policy recommendations. Information gathered through interviews with leaders of national faith-based organizations and community representatives will serve as the foundation of the report.
    • Incorporating the perspective of the faith community into the Future of Working Families Task Force, which will launch in fall 2021. The Task Force will coalesce around multiple work strands, including work with the faith community, that seeks to identify a solution for child care in this country. To achieve this goal, it will convene the Task Force and incorporate findings to support recommendations and strategies that increase access to child care for all families.