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New America

New America aims to be a new kind of think and action tank: a civic platform that connects a research institute, technology lab, solutions network, media hub and public forum.

New America’s Early & Elementary Education Policy team is part of the Education Policy Program, which works to advance policies and elevate dialogue to support high-quality learning environments for all children birth through third grade.

State allies can call on New America to:

Provide analysis of federal policy that impacts the birth through third grade early education continuum.

New America can support state partners to understand the impact of federal policy on their early childhood systems. New America produces research and policy analysis on early learning topics including child care, pre-K, kindergarten, and the early grades of elementary school.

Provide research findings specific to states’ and local communities’ needs on a range of early learning topics.

New America can translate national research to state and local context on issues including child care, pre-K, the early childhood workforce, dual language learners, data-driven policymaking, and early childhood assessments. New America can also assist partners by providing cross-state analysis and elevating best practices.

Help state partners translate research into useful resources such as one-pagers, infographics, convenings, and events.

New America is equipped to translate complex research and policies into easily digestible information for different audiences, including policymakers. New America can work with state partners to produce blog posts, create one-pagers, design infographics, and participate in events.

Additional alliance-funded support of state advocacy includes:

  • Producing resources (articles, podcasts, videos) on policies and strategies that support students pre-k through 3rd grade during and after the pandemic, including mental health supports, in-person learning strategies, use of technology for distance learning, and organize webinars and other events to disseminate promising ideas.

  • Producing resources (articles, podcasts, videos) on state policies and innovations in early educator preparation that support educators, especially those from communities of color or low-income backgrounds, to attain higher credentials and degrees. Policy ideas are based on research funded by the Alliance.

  • Creating a toolkit and providing technical assistance to states, districts, and allies on transitions to school post-COVID. This includes strengthening the transition between early care and education settings as well as into kindergarten. We are developing and disseminating resources such as webinars, blog posts, articles, and briefs around early childhood transition.