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The Hunt Institute

The Hunt Institute brings together people and resources to inspire and inform elected officials and policymakers about key issues in education, resulting in visionary leaders who are prepared to take strategic action for greater educational outcomes and student success.

The Hunt Institute works in a nonpartisan way to design strategy, shape policy, and drive educational improvements on the national and state levels. The Hunt Institute is the only organization in the nation exclusively dedicated to empowering governors, policymakers, and other educational leaders in the development and implementation of nonpartisan, comprehensive strategies for the transformation of public education.

Alliance-funded support for state advocacy includes: 

  • Creating a learning network for gubernatorial early childhood advisors. Hunt is leading the effort to develop a formal network to strengthen the capacity — and recognition — of Governors’ Early Childhood Policy Advisors. By uplifting and normalizing these positions, the Alliance can grow the number of dedicated Early Childhood Policy Advisors in the states.

  • Strengthening the early childhood knowledge and platforms of gubernatorial candidates in immediately upcoming elections. Hunt is reaching our to gubernatorial campaigns on both sides of the aisle with an early childhood policy playbook and offering private, state-specific briefings and consultation to candidates and their teams. 

Both strategies are part of a larger Alliance for Early Success strategy to cultivate “early childhood governors.”