Our allies in Arkansas have been strong advocates for child care access and quality, and in 2019 helped pass legislation to increase the number of qualified and affordable child care facilities.

State Allies: 

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families • Little Rock, AR
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ForwARd • Little Rock, AR
Top Priorities for 2020

Establish an Early Childhood Caucus in the General Assembly and improve support for the early childhood workforce.

Promote the expansion of paid family leave.

Promote policies that will improve mental health support for both children under 5 and their caregivers.

In 2019, our allies in Arkansas helped the state make big strides for the health and early success of children.

  • Established a farm to school early childhood education program within the Arkansas Agriculture Department, with the goal of improving children’s nutrition and teaching them about gardens and farms in their own communities.
  • Created a four-year pilot program to provide a tax incentive to qualifying early childhood educators, which increases as they gain higher levels of education and training.
  • New policy that requires the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education to make information about starting a child care business more easily accessible on its website.

The Alliance for Early Success is achieving systemic, long-lasting change for Arkansas’ young children by providing state Allies with powerful advantages.

  • Strategic, Outcomes-Focused Investments
  • Consulting and Strategy
  • Direct Access to National Expertise
  • Rapid Response Support
  • Connections/Access to Allies in Similar States
  • Roles in National Communities of Practice