District of Columbia

Our DC allies achieved a major milestone in 2019 with the passage of the Birth to Three for All DC Act — but they aren’t stopping there. DC advocates are pivoting to full funding for the measure.

State Allies:

DC Action for Children • Washington, DC
DC Action for Children • Washington, DC
Educare Washington, DC • Washington, DC
Educare Washington, DC • Washington, DC
Top Priorities for 2020

Ensure the quality rating and improvement system (QRIS) is fair and equitable among providers and educators and doesn’t further perpetuate racial and economic accessibility and workforce disparities

Expand lactation, home visiting, and child development supports

Push district leaders to fund the Birth to Three law at $40 million per year

Identify viable revenue streams available to fully fund the Birth to Three law

Protect recent budget wins that increase child care subsidies

Through persistent messaging and action, our DC allies continue to win incremental funding gains for crucial supports for district kids and their families.

  • A nearly $16-million investment as a partial — yet key — down payment on the new Birth to Three law 
  • $4 million for home visiting for Early Head Start 
  • $1.5 million for Healthy Futures 
  • $600,000 for Healthy Steps
  • $80,000 for Help Me Grow
  • $323,000 for lactation consultants 
  • $9.3 million for Child Care Subsidy funding
  • Formed a multi-disciplinary coalition of more than 50 organizations to build broad public support for more robust investment in Birth to Three

The Alliance for Early Success is achieving large-scale, long-lasting change for the district’s young children by providing our allies with powerful advantages that help them shape DC early childhood policy.

  • Strategic, Outcomes-Focused Investments
  • Consulting and Strategy
  • Direct Access to National Expertise
  • Rapid Response Support
  • Connections/Access to Allies in States
  • Roles in National Communities of Practice