Our allies in Mississippi have focused relentlessly —and increasingly successfully—on building support and momentum for pre-K in the state. 

State Allies:

Mississippi First • Jackson, MS
Mississippi First • Jackson, MS
Top Priorities for 2020

Increase the per-pupil funding for pre-K from $4,300 to $5,000

Expand the state-funded pre-K program to reach 25% of kids within the next five years

Build a deep bench of legislative champions

In 2019, Mississippi First advocated for state pre-K programs in the state budget and acquired a commitment of nearly $6.7 million, more than double the funding from 2013.

  • Worked with Current State-Funded Early Learning Collaboratives to Create an Environment Ripe for State-Funded pre-K Expansion
  • Published a Comprehensive Pre-K Briefing Book and Met One-on-One with State Candidates
  • Successfully Inspired the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General Candidates to Make Pre-K Part of Their Campaign Platforms

The Alliance for Early Success is achieving systemic, long-lasting change for Mississippi’s young children by providing state allies with powerful advantages.

  • Strategic, Outcomes-Focused Investments
  • Consulting and Strategy
  • Direct Access to National Expertise
  • Rapid Response Support
  • Connections/Access to Allies in Similar States
  • Roles in National Communities of Practice

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