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Our allies in Wyoming are pushing the state to prioritize early childhood issues and unlock new revenue streams.

State Allies:

Wyoming Kids First • Casper, WY
Top Priorities for 2020

Advance understanding of existing early childhood work and the underlying collaboration, investment, and commitment

Promote the thoughtful alignment and connection of early childhood services and supports from four state agencies into a single, coordinated entity

Harness momentum, collaboration, and investment from private funders in Wyoming to amplify early childhood advocacy efforts

In 2019, our allies worked with the Governor’s office to submit a successful Preschool Development Grant – Wyoming’s first-ever, voluntary federal early childhood dollars.

  • Wyoming’s first proclamation for the Week of the Young Child, revising the Executive Order governing and directing a Governor’s Early Childhood State Advisory Council, and supporting a Preschool Development Grant submission
  • Diverted $500,000 of Quality Dollars to better and more directly support early childhood educators
  • Led the charge to leverage $681,976 of state and private dollars to support and extend activities in the Preschool Development Grant

The Alliance for Early Success is achieving large-scale, long-lasting change for the state’s young children by providing our allies with powerful advantages that help them shape Wyoming early childhood policy.