When we invest in state-level priorities for early childhood, we leverage limited available funds to deliver exponential impact. 

Foundations, philanthropies, and other state and national early childhood investors focused on thriving children and families are increasingly looking for high-potential “big bets” — the strategic investments that not only make a difference for families, but also unlock the additional sustained investment necessary to make big, lasting change.

The Alliance for Early Success was created to do just that. And today we work in every state in the country to equip front-line allies with the connections and resources they need to secure crucial state funding and policy support for the spectrum of programs that help children learn, grow, and succeed.

Our investors make it possible:

“We know that education, health, and family support in the earliest years can put a child on the path to success. But taking this to scale simply isn’t possible without bold new commitments by states and their leaders. That’s why we continue to invest in the Alliance for Early Success’ 50-state strategy to improve funding, access, and quality. The Alliance really makes the most of our support.”

Susie Buffett, Chair, Buffett Early Childhood Fund

From Our Investors

National Early Childhood Funders: Ballmer Groups Spotlight on Alliance for Early Success

Ballmer Group Spotlight: Alliance for Early Success
Dr. Raychael Jensen, Ballmer Group's portfolio manager for early childhood and families, explains why investing in the Alliance is key to building a national movement to fully fund quality early childhood education.

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