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Allies for Antiracism

As we pursue opportunity for each and every child in each and every state, we know we must center racial equity and antiracism in our early childhood policy advocacy.

The Alliance for Early Success Allies for Antiracism

Over the past four centuries, racist policies in our country have been central to the creation of pervasive systems, practices, and perceptions that rob and constrain children of color from birth—generation after generation.

So we at the Alliance for Early Success believe the only way we’ll achieve our vision is through policy changes that dismantle the structural racism that causes disparity from the beginning. As we work toward our mission of creating an early childhood policy advocacy community that secures the policies and investments essential for every young child to thrive, we know we must center racial equity.

Allies for Antiracism is our commitment to centering racial equity in our strategic planning and in the community building that is central to our work.


Our Allies for Antiracism initiative has three pillars:


We will continually name the racism that permeates all aspects of the opportunities to succeed for many of our nation’s children and families.


We will continually learn and self-assess as professionals and as an organization. 


We will continually collaborate with state allies and the national organizations that support their work to hear where they are and what they need, and will follow through with technical efforts to help them pursue policies that dismantle racism and undo racial disparities. 

The Alliance began this journey in 2015 when we convened a racial equity advisory group to guide the revision of our policy framework, and we are continuing the learning, conversation, and practice that will help us—and the early childhood allies in our national community—get increasingly effective in centering racial equity. In 2022, we updated the Alliance Theory of Change to explicitly name structural racism and to center antiracism in our work.

The Alliance’s racial equity work includes: 

Operationalizing Equity, a six-month intensive launched in 2021 for advocacy organization leadership.

An Emerging Early Childhood Policy Professionals of Color peer network with the objective of offering a meaningful and supportive network for young early childhood advocates of color and to build a pipeline of diverse leaders.

Hosting national voices on structural racism—such as Dr. Ibram Kendi and Dr. Joia Crear-Perry—to address our network. We continue to spotlight leaders on issues such as maternal health disparities and birth equity as part of our National Issues > State Action webinar series.

Advancing the disaggregation of racial data in the analysis of early childhood and family support policy.

Centering racial equity as foundational in the reinvention of the country’s early care and education system in our policy recommendations and “big-bet” Child Care NEXT initiative.

Facilitating peer-to-peer learning between states and providing ongoing resources for operationalizing racial equity in early childhood policy advocacy.

Establishing new grant projects and programs to support states in their efforts to build coalitions and hear voices with lived experience.

Several communities of practice that equip participants to strengthen their organization’s ability to center proximate voices and work with their communities in more trauma-informed, non-extractive ways.

Continuing our ongoing all-staff racial equity self-development to ensure we all—as individuals and professionals—continually strengthen our ability to see and address structural racism.

New Child Care Roadmap Shows States Are Transforming Child Care While Advocating for New Federal Investments

In our new report, Child Care Policy Roadmap 2023, we highlight policies enacted in states – red, blue, and purple – that serve as building blocks for a transformative child care system. It builds on a policy roadmap released several years ago that laid out the major areas of work that all states need to take on to transform our child care system. It turns out that the ideas included in that report were not pipe dreams, and many states have put them into action.

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Minnesota “Coalition of Coalitions” Turns Years of Work into a String of Big Wins for Children and Families

From a new nation-leading child tax credit that will cut child poverty by a third, to $1.3 billion for expansion of mixed-delivery child care, to continuous medicaid coverage for children to age 6, to a long list of other wins for young children and their families, there were almost too many advancements to count in the 2023 legislative session. The secret to all these wins? A long-standing “of coalition of coalitions” in the state the centers communication, equity, cooperation, and authentic power sharing.

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Montana’s Push to Improve Early Education Includes a Partnership to Protect Tribal Languages  

Zero to Five Montana is improving early education by helping to protect the languages of the state’s 12 Native American tribes. It’s an effort to enrich children, support early educators, and draw on the experience and expertise of the larger community. Young children experience a better understanding of their own cultural identity when they can learn their tribal language, and this cultural knowledge helps heal some aspects of generational trauma that many indigenous families live with.

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Alliance Webinar on Maternal Mental Health

In this webinar, the Alliance and RH Impact (formerly the National Birth Equity Collaborative) dive into the issue of maternal mental health and explore how states and communities can provide stronger and more equitable support to expecting and new parents.

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Alliance Webinar on Supporting the Perinatal Workforce in Policy and Practice

The perinatal workforce plays an indispensable role in ensuring the well-being and survival of pregnant people and their babies throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. However, systemic issues and social disparities continue to persist, leaving many birthing people, particularly Black and Indigenous communities, without access to the quality maternal health care they deserve. The Alliance and co-host Black Mamas Matter Alliance will explore strategies to better equip, support and advance the Black maternal, reproductive, and perinatal workforce.

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The Alliance Launches Second Cohort to Support Advocates Centering Lived Experience and Sharing Power

The Alliance for Early Success is launching a second cohort of the Centering Parent and Practitioner Power (CPPP) Community of Practice aimed at strengthening the capacity of state grantees seeking to build authentic and impactful partnerships that are rooted in lived experiences and values of racial equity and shared power. The eight-month cohort experience creates the space for courageous conversations necessary to deepen the understanding, appreciation, and skills to equitably center the expertise of community members in policy and advocacy work.

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Alliance Webinar on Community Voice in Maternal Health Solutions

In the journey to achieving maternal health equity, the voices and experiences of birthing people and families impacted by these disparities are our most powerful catalysts for change. Despite navigating the painful realities of inequities in maternal health, they remain underrepresented in shaping solutions. It’s time to rewrite this narrative. In this webinar hosted by Elephant Circle and Alliance for Early Success, panelists explore best practices and approaches to community-driven maternal health solutions to address disparities in maternal morbidity and mortality.

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