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Strategic Investments

The Alliance for Early Success makes two types of grants: funding for state organizations working to scale early childhood impacts and outcomes, and funding for leading national organizations that support that state-level advocacy.

The Alliance’s grants are provided on a highly flexible basis. They are state-led, which means we let states tell us where the opportunities are. Our state advocacy grants are also core operating grants, which means grantees can use them in any way they need in order to support their birth-through-eight policy advocacy. 

Both our state and national investments are made in support of the three core strategies our theory of change:

    • Accelerate Advocacy Effectiveness through a staff and a national advocacy community that deliver technical assistance, peer exchange, and support. 
    • Elevate Antiracist Priorities in advocacy organizations through advisory work, resources, and grants; in our own organization through learning and process improvement.
    • Expand State Advocacy Community through granting, support of traditionally marginalized advocacy voices, and catalyzing coalitions.

Click below to see our current investments:


“Over the course of the pandemic there have been a number of emergent issues and approaches, such as the family supports anchored by the child tax credit expansion. Core operating funding affords the flexibility needed to leverage new strategies while responding to emergent issues.