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Brand and Logo

Following are original files for the Alliance for Early Success logo and guidelines for its usage.


We have two approved versions of our logo, a standard version and a stacked version. The standard version is preferred, but the stacked version should be used when it fills the available space more naturally (e.g. in a circle).


Standard Logo (file type):  jpg   png


Stacked Logo (file type):  jpg   png

Name Usage

When referencing the Alliance, use the organization’s full name, “Alliance for Early Success” on first mention. In proceeding mentions, use only “Alliance.” Please do not use the acronym “AES.” 


If your materials accommodate a short description of the Alliance, please use the following.

[…was produced with support from] the Alliance for Early Success, a 50-state early childhood advocacy resource that provides connections, expertise, technical assistance, and targeted investments to allies pursuing policies that improve outcomes for children birth through age 8. [OPTIONAL:] More information about the Alliance can be found at

Approval Process

The Alliance does not require approval for simple credits that follow the above guidelines. Additional co-branding or other usage can be coordinated with the Alliance. 

Please contact us for additional requests and support.