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Every child.
Every state.

The Alliance for Early Success is a national nonprofit that works with early childhood policy advocates at the state level to ensure that every child, birth through eight, has an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed.

In its 15-year history, the Alliance has become the trusted, 50-state resource on early childhood advocacy and policy expertise for state-level advocates. In order to maximize the impact of these allies in their home states (where local voices are often more powerful than outside influencers), we provide connections, expertise, responsive support, and general operating investments.

We provide tools, databases, webinars, conference calls, and reports produced by our state and national allies and/or sponsored by the Alliance.

    • We connect them with their counterparts in other states and national allies, so they can share and request information. We also connect national allies with each other, so they can work together and align for more powerful state impact.
    • We facilitate intensive supports from the Alliance national responsive support network, which uses Alliance funds to further build expertise in states with a need—or states experiencing momentum. They allocate a portion of their grants to rapid response support in order to respond to new opportunities or unforeseen threats in a state in real time.
    • We convene meetings, including our CONNECT conference, where we gather allies from across the country to promote networking and learning across state, national, and investor groups.
    • We organize learning communities on specific topics or strategies, such as home visiting, pre-k, the early learning workforce, and the alignment of state and federal early childhood policy.
    • We issue grants in varying sizes to build capacity and/or sustain effective early childhood advocacy, research, communications, and policymaker leadership.

It’s a model that has proven extraordinarily effective, and one that continues to leverage philanthropic investment for improved outcomes for children from birth through age eight.

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