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Policy Framework

Our roadmap is our Birth Through Eight State Policy Framework, a document that outlines the core values that are at the foundation of effective state early childhood policy. 

The Alliance developed and published an initial Framework in 2013 with input from more than 150 experts representing early childhood and K-12 advocates and leaders, researchers, communication professionals, policymakers, and foundation leaders. A 2015 revision reflects the input of an advisory group as well as additional experts in health and family support. Policy options are updated to reflect the latest research and best practice evidence. The most significant change is the inclusion of cross-cutting policy choices that address multiple issues.

The 2015 policy framework update was informed by work with a race, equity, and inclusion advisory board, and the Alliance is currently engage in a process to recenter its work — and the framework — in racial equity.

The framework has four policy pillars:

Health – Children are born healthy, stay healthy, and are surrounded by healthy adults.

Family Support – Families help their children explore, learn, and grow in safe and nurturing places.

Learning – Children arrive at kindergarten with the skills and abilities to meet developmental milestones, read on grade level, and reach achievement goals.

Cross-Cutting Policies – Children thrive in families and communities that support their healthy development.

Download the Alliance for Early Success Birth Through Eight State Policy Framework.