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Council for a Strong America

Council for a Strong America (CSA) engages law enforcement, military, business, faith and sports leaders who promote evidence-based policies and programs that enable kids to be healthy, well-educated and prepared for productive lives.

Its membership organizations (including Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, Mission: Readiness, and ReadyNation) serve as effective messengers for research-based public investments in early childhood programs that help all children succeed.

Our state allies call on Council for a Strong America to:

Build political will for shared early childhood priorities like child care, home visiting and pre-K.

CSA works with state allies to understand the policy and political landscape, and then mobilizes unexpected messengers to interact with policymakers and other key stakeholders.

Build membership groups strategically.

CSA works to identify, recruit, and engage law enforcement, military and business leaders with important connections and in strategic locations of the state.

Additional Alliance-funded support for state advocacy includes:

  • Highlighting the lack of affordable, quality child care in states across the country and demonstrating the importance of this vital sector and transforming more policymakers into champions of early childhood education.