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Day: March 13, 2024

The Alliance for Early Success is a 50-state resource for early-childhood advocates as they pursue the big, sustained impact that will ensure every child in every state, birth through age eight, has an equal chance to grow, learn, and succeed.

Alliance for Early Success Early Childhood State Policy Advocacy

Alliance and Elephant Circle Webinar on Implementing Doula Coverage

Doulas have been embraced as an effective method to improve birth outcomes, prompting many states to consider requiring doula services to be included as a benefit under Medicaid and, in some states, private insurance. While this policy change has the potential to contribute to reduced rates of preterm birth, low birthweight, and NICU admissions among other benefits, the way in which doula coverage is implemented has a significant impact on its utility for pregnant people and their families. In this webinar, learn more how to implement doula coverage in ways that stay true to the principles and values of the doula model.