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Alliance for Early Success Releases New Policy Roadmap for Transforming Post-Pandemic Child Care

We all know that we cannot return to the broken child-care system we had before pandemic. But what will it take to build something that truly serves children, families, providers, educators, and our economy with equity and quality at its core? 
Over the course of four months, the Alliance for Early Success has convened a Build Stronger Child Care Policy Workgroup – comprised of our state and national allies – to answer that question. The result is the Build Stronger Child Care Policy Roadmap.
The Build Stronger Child Care Policy Roadmap identifies four key areas of work, each with a set of short- and long-term strategies and policy ideas that advocates and policy leaders who work at the state and federal levels should consider advocating for or implementing. During the presentation, we’ll look more closely at the roadmap, hear from some of the state and national organizations that helped craft it, and discuss how we can use it to transform child care in America.
Even though child-care programs are still very much in survival mode, it is clear that now is the time to create a plan for a stronger future. 
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