In 2019, our Allies led the Pre-K Task Force that made a business case for pre-K expansion and put the state on track to fully fund First Class Pre-K in the next four years.

State Allies:

Alabama Partnership for Children • Montgomery, AL
Alabama School Readiness Alliance • Montgomery, AL
VOICES for Alabama's Children • Montgomery, AL
Top Priorities for 2020

Continued increases in state Pre-K investments until the program is fully funded by 2022- 2023 to reach 70% of all four-year- old's in diverse settings.

Child care quality/support for the early childhood workforce (pay disparity); remove exemptions so that all programs are licensed and inspected by DHR; support for the Quality Rating and Improvement System; recruitment of teachers and family child care providers to address shortages.

Support the development and implementation of Alabama’s Preschool Development Grant comprehensive birth-to-five plan, “Alabama Connections for Early Care and Education,” with a particular interest in birth-to-three.

In Alabama last year, $26 million in new funding for Pre-K was just the beginning.

  • First Teacher Home Visiting
  • $450,000 increase for Starting Strong (includes P-3)
  • $4.6M increase for Early Intervention
  • $4M increase for Preschool Special Education
  • $500,000 investment in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
  • $1M for census organizing
  • $300,000 for The Women’s Fund to support two-generation strategies, including addressing the pay disparity of the child care workforce.

The Alliance for Early Success is achieving large-scale, long-lasting change for Alabama’s young children by providing state Allies with powerful support.

  • Strategic, Outcomes-Focused Investments
  • Consulting and Strategy
  • Direct Access to National Expertise
  • Rapid Response Support
  • Connections/Access to Allies in Similar States
  • Roles in National Communities of Practice

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