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The Courage to Connect: A Conversation About Reaching Out and Breaking Through with the Stars of the Film REFUGE

The stories of Chris Buckley, Heval Kelli, and Arno Michaelis are told in the award-winning film REFUGE, a powerful exploration of what can happen when we find the courage to make a connection with someone from the “other side”– when we take an uncomfortable step toward learning about someone who we’re supposed to hate. Chris is a veteran who was a White nationalist with a hate for Muslims that dates back to 9/11. Heval is a Kurdish Muslim physician with a passion for the refugee community. And Arno is former White supremacist who helps others break with hate, one connection at a time.

In this session, they joined us to talk about how learning, respecting, sharing, and connecting can lead to surprising breakthroughs with people we thought we might never reach. 

REFUGE is available for screening on Amazon Prime.