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Main Street Alliance

Main Street Alliance (MSA), a project of Business Education Fund, provides a critical small business voice for state policy campaigns. Through grassroots organizing, including in-person surveys at business locations, one-on-one meetings, and local events, the organization seeks to understand the issues that matter most to small businesses. Their work with the Alliance will focus on paid family and medical leave, child care, and health care.

Alliance-Funded Support for State Advocacy

MSA is developing specific small-business mobilization plans for three-to-five states to advance paid family and medical leave and increased funding for child care, and the organization also is providing technical assistance that is individualized to the needs of Alliance partner organizations on the ground that are already working in coalition or on campaigns. MSA is coordinating meetings with each organization or coalition to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities that exist to engage small business owners in policy advocacy.
MSA is supporting  state allies as they implement plans and bring small-businesses voices into child-care and paid-leave advocacy. MSA is holding regular meetings with Alliance state partners to provide technical support related to the plans developed for engaging small business owners in policy campaigns. The organization is providing coaching to these organizations to aid their efforts to work with small businesses—both through direct outreach and through networking with business advocacy groups. MSA may also facilitate intra-state meetings between the various campaigns/organizations to share best practices among groups working in the child care space.
MSA also is providing  communications support tailored to its state campaign/coalition’s capacity and providing templated research and educational tools that articulate the small-business case for family-friendly policies, including reports, fact sheets, and related media materials.