BUILD Initiative

The BUILD Initiative supports state leaders to develop a comprehensive system of programs, policies, and services that serve the needs of young children and their families. This systems-building approach is intended to prepare young children for a successful future, while carefully using private and public resources. BUILD is an expert resource on Quality Rating and Improvement Systems and suspension/expulsion policies. 

Alliance-Funded Support for State Advocacy

BUILD is providing customized technical assistance to eight states on the above issues, as well as producing resources for all 50 states. Key activities include:

1. Continued support for state leaders in the improvement of Quality Rating and Improvement Systems and other systemic approaches to improving early learning. 

2. Supporting state leaders’ efforts to reduce and ultimately eliminate suspension and expulsion from early learning programs through cross-sector policy approaches, including completing a 50-state survey of early childhood expulsion policies and practices. 

3. Assisting Alliance for Early Success grantees in the advancement of racial equity by learning to listen and be responsive to the intended beneficiaries of the programs and services for which they advocate. BUILD is hosting a meeting/focus group with beneficiaries and providing technical assistance to state partners who will then replicate this experience in their own states.