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BUILD Initiative

The BUILD Initiative supports state leaders in the development of a comprehensive system of programs, policies, and services that serve the needs of young children and their families. 

BUILD’s systems-building approach is intended to prepare young children for a successful future, while carefully using private and public resources.

Our state allies can call on the BUILD Initiative to:

Help allies advise state leaders on reinventing their quality improvement systems and strategies to address disparities and advance toward racial equity.

A national expert in quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS), BUILD provides one-on-one consultation to support continuous quality improvement.

Help allies develop and integrate feedback loops with families and communities as part of their advocacy and policy efforts.

The staff at BUILD can guide allies in their work to increase their connection to families in communities whose voices should inform policy solutions, and whose engagement will help sustain policy changes.

Additional Alliance-funded support for state advocacy includes: 

    • Advising the development of Allies for Antiracism programming. BUILD’s expertise in both racial equity and family and community engagement in early childhood is proving crucial in the development of curricula and programs.