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Center for the Study of Child Care Employment

The Center for the Study of Child Care Employment at UC Berkeley (CSCCE) is the national leader in early care and education workforce research and policy since 1999. CSCCE provides research and analysis on the preparation, working conditions, and compensation of the early care and education workforce. 

CSCCE develops policy solutions and create spaces for teaching, learning, and educator activism. the organization’s vision is an effective public early care and education system that secures racial, gender, and economic justice for the women whose labor is the linchpin of stable, quality services. 

The Alliance’s state allies can call on CSCCE to:

Provide research findings and insights tailored to their states.

CSCCE develops and manages extensive research on each state’s child care workforce, and can help allies use that research in new and powerful ways, such as presenting to legislators and other stakeholders, drafting legislation, and informing testimony and policy proposals. We also work with groups and agencies to develop research and analyses tailored to their needs, such as evaluating a state’s ECE degree programs or or early educator work environments.

Help them strategize ways to leverage data to drive policy conversations about early childhood workforce compensation, data systems, and higher education.

CSCCE works with state allies to develop and inform their early care and education vision that includes a comprehensive workforce strategy and effective workforce policies.

Additional Alliance-funded support for state advocacy includes:

Early Childhood Workforce Index: The Early Childhood Workforce Index is an effective tool that compares states, puts wages in context of local living wages, and provides research-backed policy recommendations. The Index can be foundational to state’s ECE workforce advocacy. In addition to the Index being a state resource, it’s also disseminated at the federal level and among broader policy making communities to draw attention to national ECE workforce issues, and propose recommendations to reduce racial stratification, increase compensation, improve working conditions, reform higher education, and improve the collection of data.

ECE Workforce Compensation Database: CSCCE maintains a central Compensation Database that tracks compensation initiatives across the country detailing how initiatives are funded, how funds reach educators, and how those funds are making an impact.

Policy Research and Strategies: CSCCE regularly develops and publishes policy-relevant, actionable research on the status of the ECE workforce and state efforts for change. Examples include:

What the Bluegrass State Can Teach Us About Increasing Access to Child Care

Solutions to the Early Educator Workforce Crisis—How Legislators Can Make a Difference for Kids, Families, and Educators

Bold on Early Educator Compensation Learning Community 2022: Lessons from State Actions

Early Educator Engagement and Empowerment (E4) Toolkit