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Children's Funding Project

The Children’s Funding Project (CFP) helps states and communities close equity and opportunity gaps for children and youth through comprehensive strategic financing.

CFP can assist state advocates in identifying and leveraging existing funding, creating strategic financing plans, generating new revenue, and developing collaborative infrastructure to administer funds in a coordinated and equitable fashion.

Our state allies can call on Children’s Funding Project to:

Lead them through an early care and education fiscal mapping process.

CFP has developed a suite of tools and best practices to coach state advocates on the process of fiscal mapping, or identifying the existing funds that support children’s services. Fiscal mapping provides the background research that is needed to improve the way a state finances it's services and supports. This can be accomplished by generating new revenue, aligning funding streams and budget holders working towards similar goals, and holding policy makers accountable to commitments they’ve made.

Help them with cost modeling for early care and education systems.

CFP can assist state advocates in cost modeling to determine the true cost of their ideal system for early care and education. Once equipped with this true cost estimate, advocates can start planning and working towards generating the revenue needed to meet their goals.

Work with them to explore and prioritize strategic financing plans.

Once advocates have an estimate of the amount of money needed to finance an ideal early care and education system, CFP can help determine what revenue generation strategies are sufficient and feasible in their state to finance the various parts of that system.

Additional Alliance-funded support for state advocacy includes: 

  • Ongoing network programming on revenue generation. Revenue and finance is a crucial piece of ECE advocacy, and CFP continues to provide webinars, materials, and basic overview education for the Alliance network.
  • Curating the Alliance’s Revenue and Financing Resource Center. This online resource center is a one-stop repository of tools, papers, and other resources on ECE finance topics, including cost modeling, revenue options, and message framing. The resource center also contains a continuously updated collection of state successes in generating new revenue.