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Frontera Strategy

Only you know your state’s unique challenges. Frontera Strategy assists State Allies with three kinds of responsive support: political strategy, fundraising, and survey research. 

Passing good policies and attracting sustained funding are challenging in every state, and especially in conservative states. Jason Sabo of Frontera Strategy can share strategies to help advocates be effective at both policy and development. 

Our state allies can call on Frontera to:

Advise them on political, polling, and election strategy.

Frontera has worked to pass bills in conservative places and built sustainable financial support for advocates in multiple states. Taking advocates' specific state context into account, Frontera will listen, offer different approaches, and help advocates be more effective. Together, advocates and Frontera brainstorm new ways to approach longstanding policy and fundraising challenges, advocate effectively and with integrity in an increasingly polarized world, and write meaningful legislation that can pass, even in the toughest states. Frontera Strategy offers assistance to maximize investments in polling, surveys, and other research methodologies to help advocacy organizations achieve their specific goals.

Consult on the (numerous) permissible lobbying activities for 501(c)3 nonprofits.

Many foundations and nonprofits have significant misperceptions about what lobbying activities are permissible. Frontera can help advocates plan powerful and effective campaign work that is well within the boundaries for 501(c)3 organizations.

Additional Alliance-funded support for state advocates includes:

  • Conducting research and compiling data to create a 50-state early childhood policy landscape analysis. Frontera leads the Alliance’s extensive research and analysis that ultimately results in the yearly Alliance for Early Success 50-State Progress Report.