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Linchpin Strategies

Linchpin Strategies is a federal advocacy and advisory firm which concentrates its efforts on education, health and workforce policy issues.

Linchpin is a boutique federal policy and advocacy firm based in the nation’s capital; since its founding nearly 20 years ago, Linchpin’s efforts have focused on building opportunity for children and adults to maximize their potential.

Our state allies can call on Linchpin to:

Analyze their state's specific home visiting funding and implementation.

Linchpin can help allies better understand the manner in which state home visiting administrators work with child welfare agencies to implement home visiting as part of Family First Prevention Services Act. Linchpin can also help allies see how home visiting is being administered in states, including new communities to be served arising out of the needs assessment, the use of Medicaid, Medicaid managed care plans, other health insurers, and other funding streams.

Facilitate a deeper understanding of Tribal home visiting.

Linchpin can work with allies to explore initiatives and strategies advocates can utilize to advocate for state funding for home visiting programs serving Tribal members both on and off of Tribal lands.

Compile and help message state home visiting data.

Linchpin can provide guidance and information regarding how state advocates can better understand state data regarding home visiting; providing key information regarding the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program; and assisting in developing messaging regarding the value of home visiting in assisting children and families during the pandemic and economic recession.

Support their coalition-building strategies.

Linchpin has served as an outside resource and perspective to help state allies bring together coalitions of advocacy and program partners; plan, execute and facilitate coalition-building meetings to address differences of perspective and build consensus; and develop strategy papers and plans.