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Migration Policy Institute

The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) is an independent, nonpartisan think tank dedicated to analysis of the movement of people worldwide.

 Their National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy is a resource on early childhood and K-12 education for those who seek to understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities that high rates of immigration create in states and local communities.

Our state allies can call on MPI to:

Provide advocates with expertise on ELL, DLL, and LEP state policy issues related to early care and education.

Immigrant and refugee children have some of the lowest enrollment rates in early learning programs. MPI’s National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy is home to the English Language Learner Information Center, which has advanced policy knowledge on early childhood and classroom issues related to linguistically appropriate practices.

Support their efforts to expand access by immigrant and refugee families to culturally and linguistically responsive home visiting programs.

MPI brings stakeholders together share and consider program designs, policy and advocacy strategies, and relevant lessons for state policy.

Additional Alliance-funded Support for state advocacy includes: 

  • Championing identification policies and practices for DLL children. MPI is developing model legislation related to DLL identification, and strategies for advancing in this priority area include: a) supporting a set of stakeholder engagement activities with partners in up to eight states; b) creating at least three opportunities for cross-state learning and sharing among partners regarding strategies for advancing policy and practice improvements; and c) promoting insights on barriers and opportunities obtained from state partner efforts.