Migration Policy Institute

The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) is an independent, nonpartisan think tank dedicated to analysis of the movement of people worldwide. Its National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy is a resource on early childhood and K-12 education for those who seek to understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities that high rates of immigration create in states and local communities. 

Alliance-Funded Support for State Advocacy

MPI is developing a model legislation blueprint for addressing a range of dual language learning (DLL) issues in state early childhood systems. They are providing explicit guidance and practical support to states that seek to improve system and program responses for this population.

This initiative includes:

1. Compilation of a background paper that analyzes key provisions of existing and attempted state legislation to address DLL needs.

2. Ongoing engagement and a convening of a small group of state and national experts and stakeholders across the early childhood and immigrant/DLL advocacy fields to discuss strengths and weaknesses of different approaches taken to date.

3. Development, writing, and dissemination of a model legislation blueprint by MPI.

MPI is leveraging their Alliance connection to the National Conference of State Legislatures and NALEO Educational Fund to help disseminate the DLL model legislation to its members.