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National Center for Children in Poverty

The National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) is a national policy research organization that conducts policy analysis, research, and program development focused on reducing child poverty and promoting the healthy development and success of children in low-income families. NCCP disseminates research-based knowledge about effective policies and programs to policymakers and advocates through publications, learning communities, and technical assistance.

Alliance-Funded Support for State Advocacy

  • In collaboration with BUILD, NCCP will promote states’ awareness of the most promising policies that prevent exclusion from ECE programs and help several states advance strong nonexpulsion policies linked to ECE program supports for children’s social-emotional development (e.g., social-emotional focused professional development and ECMH consultation).
  • NCCP will promote states’ efforts to strengthen state Part C Early Intervention programs’ capacity to identify and address mental health difficulties of infants and toddlers through new or enhanced policies. NCCP, in collaboration with partners, will widely disseminate results of a fifty-state survey on Part C IECMH-related policies through a publication.

  • NCCP will support states’ efforts to use two-generation approaches to meet the needs of young children and families in deep poverty and poverty.