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Stoney Associates

Stoney Associates has worked with state and local governments, foundations, ECE providers, industry intermediaries, research and advocacy groups in over 40 states to help craft new finance and policy options as well as write issue briefs on challenging topics.

For public and private organizations alike, the firm has provided expertise to help model early care and education program costs, revise subsidy policy and rate-setting strategies, revisit QRIS standards and procedures, craft new approaches to contracting and voucher management, to name a few.

Our state allies can call on Stoney Associates to:

Help them explore and develop new approaches to early care and education policy and finance.

This includes consultation with and support for legislative commissions, state policymakers, advocacy groups, philanthropy and others seeking to craft recommendations for effective policy and finance.

Guide cost modeling for child care in their state.

Stoney Associates has extensive experience in the development of actionable, state-specific cost modeling.

Help them develop early care and education shared services plans and networks for child care centers and homes.

Past experience includes recommendations for staffed family child care networks, child care center networks, automation strategies, and alternative approaches to enabling quality at scale.

Provide technical assistance on the collection of real-time supply-and-demand data for child care.

Stoney can provide regular consultation and coaching to project directors and others seeking to lead data systems change.