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Stoney Associates

Stoney Associates provides advocates deep support in complex ECE policy. 

This support includes revising subsidy policy and rate-setting strategies, crafting linked ECE technology ecosystems that enable real-time data, enabling new ECE business models, launching responsive business coaching initiatives, revisiting licensing and QRIS standards and procedures (including innovative approaches such as micro-centers), modeling early care and education program costs, and more.

Our state allies can call on Stoney Associates to:

Help them explore and develop new approaches to early care and education policy and finance.

This includes consultation with and support for legislative commissions, state policymakers, advocacy groups, philanthropy and others seeking to craft recommendations for effective policy and finance.

Craft linked ECE technology ecosystems.

This includes data systems that enable real-tme data, support compliance with new CCDF rule, strengthen licensing + QRIS compliance, enhance provider compensation and sustainability, improve business coaching and more.

Help them develop early care and education shared services plans and networks for child care centers and homes.

Past experience includes recommendations for staffed family child care networks, child care center networks, automation strategies, and alternative approaches to enabling quality at scale.

Provide TA on revisiting licensing and QRIS standards as well as strategies to enable new ECE business models.

Stoney can help states re-think regulations, finance and policy to enable innovative approaches to expanding child care supply and regulating programs.

On the Ground:

  • In Wisconsin, Louise Stoney served as a coach to the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association (WECA) as they planned and launched their statewide shared services work. This included helping them write plans, identify potential funders, create and revise staffing plans, cost out services and craft an evaluation approach.
  • In Utah, Stoney is currently working with Utah Voices for Children to plan and launch a shared services pilot.
  • Stoney is working with advocates in Montana on revisions to their business training and technical assistance work to strengthen impact.
  • Stoney helped Missouri’s Kids Win Missouri review and comment on their states’ Market Rate Survey instrument.
  • In Tennessee, Stoney helped Tennesseans for Quality Early Education (TQEE) plan a strategy to seed micro-centers and build support for state funding of the work. Louise Stoney answered many questions from state leaders and advocates, and provided concrete examples, about how modern technology can strengthen program implementation and improve data quality.

“It is hard to describe the extent of Louise Stoney’s positive influence on the early childhood policies of our state. From her cost models that were instrumental in our understanding the true cost of quality care, to the creation and implementation of our unique School Readiness Tax Credits for parents, child care providers, teachers, and directors, to her presentations for policy makers that have made clear the unique structure of the financing of the early care and education sector, Louise has been an invaluable, respected and trusted expert for our Department of Education, our legislators, our legislative staff and, of course, for myself as an advocate.”

Melanie Bronfin, Former Executive Director, Louisiana Policy Institute for Children