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Polling and Message Framing

Before COVID-19 there was already strong bipartisan interest in increased support for young children and their families — and the pandemic only increased it. The heightened stress for children, their families, and educators reinforced the importance of strong early education, child health, and family support infrastructure.  

These early childhood polling and message framing resources lay out findings and strategies for leveraging that broad support. 

Voters Support Taxing Big Tech to Raise Money for Kids—and States Are Listening

Children's Funding Project — This editorial summarizes the case for taxing online technology for early childhood and education programs, and it links to recent examples, including Maryland's first-in-the-nation tax on digital advertising for kids.

National Voter Support for Funding Children's Services

Children's Funding Project — This poll, released in January of 2022, finds that more than 80% of voters believe that creating equitable opportunities for children to get a strong start in life should be one of the highest priorities for government—and they are willing to raise their own local taxes to make those opportunities possible.

FFYF 2021 Child Care Poll

2021 Poll Shows Widespread Bipartisan Support for Early Learning and Child Care Policy Proposals

First Five Years Fund — This 2020 poll found that voters strongly support increased governmental steps to help parents care for their kids and continue to work.

Child Care Infrastructure State Message Framing

Tools for Talking About Your State's Essential Child Care Infrastructure

Alliance for Early Success —Policymakers are beginning to respond to the case for child care as infrastructure -- these tips and resources can help advocates use that framing in their state advocacy.


Building Bridges: Creating Strong Partnerships for Early Childhood Education

US Chamber of Commerce Foundation —  Whether you’re an advocate or member of the business community, these findings and recommended messaging are a valuable resource for building and sustaining partnerships between those focused on supporting early childhood education and those focused on supporting their workforce.

Talking the Heckman Equation

Early Childhood Investment Framing Resource

Heckman Equation — This is a two-page message framework advocates can use to motivate policymakers and other influentials to invest in quality early childhood education for disadvantaged children. This resource can be used as a guide for crafting persuasive talking points to business leaders, policymakers or other potential advocates.

Childrens Funding Project Editorial Thumbnail

When Is the Right Time to Increase Early Childhood Spending? Now.

Children's Funding Project — In this resource-filled editorial for the Alliance for Early Success, Olivia Allen of the Children's Funding Project lays out several effective framing and countering strategies for early childhood funding messages.

Center for American Progress 2020 Child Care Poll

What Do Voters Want on Child Care Ahead of the 2020 Elections?

Center for American Progress — This 2020 poll found that voters strongly support increased governmental steps to help parents care for their kids and continue to work.