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Serv and Return: Tools for Communicating the Broken Economics of Child Care

“Serv and Return”is an occasional series that spotlights a recent exchange on the Alliance listserv—a widely used channel for the network to provide rapid-response resources and support to one another.   

In January, an advocate from Texas put out a request for good resources for educating lawmakers about the child care system:

“We want to educate a slew of leaders in Austin as to how the child care system works—or really doesn’t work. We are looking for some good graphics that explain two things: How the subsidy system works (how few children are served, etc.) and how the economics of child care don’t work.”

Both state and national allies were quick to respond with a variety of tools that help explain the costs of child care businesses, the impact the system has on the economy, and strategies advocates can use to push for a substantial public investment in the system. 


Understanding the current state of child care:  


Advocacy tips for a larger public investment for industry improvement: 


For additional support for your state child care advocacy, you can reach out to the national allies in theAlliance’s Responsive Support Network. You can also follow the bold, large-scale innovation being pursued by the states in the Child Care NEXT initiative.  

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