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Recent State Policy Advances

Expanded investment. Restructured agencies. New caucuses, committees, and coalitions. Read about all the ways our allies on the front lines are making their state a better place for each and every child to reach their full potential. 

Innovative Revenue Wins for Early Care and Education in Louisiana

Louisiana celebrated big revenue wins during the 2021 legislative session for early care and education, including allocating sports betting revenue and specialty NBA Pelican license plate revenues to the Louisiana Early Childhood Education Fund. The Louisiana Policy Institute for Children and other partners also succeeded in other efforts to promote broad investment for Louisiana children and families.

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illinois Early Childhood Policy

Illinois Announces Significant Expansion of Financial Assistance for Families Seeking Child Care and Providers

Illinois has announced a significant expansion of financial assistance for both families and providers that allow children to return to quality, affordable child care programs. Eighty percent of families will pay less for child care under this latest round of changes, to be administered by the Illinois Department of Human Services’ (DHS) Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP).

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Arizona Allies Continue Fight Against Funding for Developmentally Inappropriate Online Early Learning Programs

Early childhood advocates in Arizona successfully blocked state funding for an online preschool program in 2020, and they are continuing to fight against additional attempts to fund these programs this year. While there is a huge need for expanded access to preschool in the state, advocates argue that online learning programs are developmentally inappropriate for young learners and a poor use of scarce resources.

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