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Rapid Response

Our close relationships with two groups — state early childhood advocates and the leading national authorities on birth-through-eight strategies — gives us the unique ability to create effective connections when time is of the essence.  

Sometimes a window suddenly opens in a state that provides a time-sensitive opportunity to get a big win for kids. Sometimes a threat suddenly emerges that could undo years of progress. The real world of on-the-ground state advocacy doesn’t always coincide with well-planned grant years, and the Alliance is committed to supporting state allies in these moments when big advances can be seized or big losses can be averted. As part of our investment in our national allies, we require them to set aside bandwidth for rapid response to our state allies. 

Rapid response requests for assistance and consultation are by definition unexpected and unplanned. National allies provide rapid response assistance to address a range of situations – from a simple question from a stakeholder to an opportunity or a threat that emerges during the legislative session. Take a look at some occasions when rapid response from the Alliance made the difference.

Alliance Rapid Response in Action:

"The most important thing I can convey to you and your Alliance colleagues is that your support makes me and Maryland Family Network stronger, smarter, and more effective in ways that transcend financial resources, technical assistance, and collegial guidance — as deeply valued as those things are. There’s a “whole” to the Alliance that’s much greater than the sum of its parts. I’m proud that I can say that from experience and excited to see all that we have yet to achieve."