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State News

Advocates and agencies are using their FFPSA planning process to make big strides for children. Learn a little more about some of the specifics of state advocacy and plan development.


(01/15/2021) Family First Prevention Services Legislation by State, National Conference of State Legislatures


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Iowa (04/02/2021) Iowa’s Child Welfare Plan approved by Fedsby Rep. Joel Fry (R-IA), Osceola Sentinel Tribune 

California (05/2021) Keeping Families Strong and Together: Prevention Strategies in Child Welfare, California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership

Iowa (03/2021) Iowa Family First Overview, Iowa Department of Human Services

Kansas (2021) Kansas Family First Prevention Service Evaluation, University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare

Nebraska (02/11/2021) Family First Prevention Services Act, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Maine (02/01/2021) What is Maine doing to Implement Family First? State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services

Colorado (2021) Family First: Implementation FAQ, Prevention Services FAQ, Placement Services FAQ, Colorado Department of Human Services

Washington (10/2020) Family First Prevention Services Act, Prevention Plan and Practice Improvement, Washington State Department of Children and Family Services

Kentucky (08/2020) Family First Act Communications and Advocacy Toolkit, Kentucky Youth Advocates

Utah (07/14/2020) Podcast Episode: Creating a Family First Prevention Plan – Utah, HHS Child Welfare Information Gateway 

District of Columbia (03/12/2020) Podcast: Creating a Family First Prevention Plan in Washington, D,C., Child Welfare Information Gateway 

Texas (01/16/2020) How Texas Early Childhood Advocates Can Leverage the Family First Act, Texans Care for Children

North Dakota (09/06/2019) North Dakota Tribes Sign Updated Agreement with State Over Child Welfare Services, Bismarck Tribune

Ohio (08/2019) Innovative Conversation Session 7: A State of Ohio Perspective on the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFSPA), Center for Innovative Practices, Case Western Reserve University

Virginia (06/2019) Virginia Three Branch Team Implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), Virginia Department of Social Services

Oregon (01/2019) Family First Implementation and Policy Work Group, Oregon State Legislature

Ohio (11/28/2018) Evidence into Action Webinar: Ohio’s Approach to Evidence-Based Interventions for the Child-Welfare Continuum, Casey Family Programs