Quality and compensation go hand in hand, and many states are looking for effective — and in many cases innovative — ways to institutionalize better compensation structures. Here you’ll find some of the latest thinking and practice on reforming early educator compensation.


Racial Wage Gaps in Early Education Employment

Center for the Study of Child Care Employment (CSCCE) — The historical and pervasive undervaluing of labor performed by women and minorities in the United States has combined to create one of the most underpaid workforces in the country: those who care for and teach young children. This paper explores and documents the disparities. (Alliance Funded) (December 2019)

TEACH Compensation Cover

“Moving the Needle” Compensation Initiative

T.E.A.CH Early Childhood National Center — This project examined state-implemented strategies to begin to address the issue of early childhood workforce compensation. (Alliance Funded) (November 2019)

CED Pathways Cover

Early Childhood Workforce Tax Credit Toolkit

Committee for Economic Development — CED’s refundable tax credit toolkit is designed to offer an array of background resources for the consideration and development of early learning educator refundable tax credits in your state or region. (Alliance Funded) (October 2019)