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RFP: Facilitator for Emerging Policy Professionals of Color


The Alliance for Early Success is seeking a Facilitator for the coordination of our Emerging Early Childhood Policy Professionals of Color (EPPOC) Network.

According to research by the Building Movement Project, the nonprofit sector is characterized by persistent white advantage, which describes how power and structures in the nonprofit sector reinforce the benefits of whiteness. This advantage often shows up as disparities in access to mentorship, opportunities for promotions, and facing microaggressions. We also believe there is a lack of support for professionals at the beginning of their careers.

In response, the Alliance is creating a networking community of young professionals of color who work in the field of early childhood policy. Our hope is to build a network of leaders who will change the face of the early childhood policy and advocacy field. We believe that this is necessary to shift the power, address systemic racialized issues in the sector, and to add diverse voices to the field that lead to better policies for young children.

As we launch this work, we are looking for a skilled facilitator who can help us co-create the community with a group of emerging early childhood policy professionals of color. 

We have issued an RFP document with more information about our vision and how prospective facilitators can apply.

RFP Packet: Facilitator for Emerging Policy Professionals of Color

Submission Deadline:

November 22, 5:00 PM ET

Submitting a response? Or just want to learn more? The RFP Orientation Webinar recording can be accessed by clicking the button below.

When you are ready to submit your response, you may upload your documents here: